Vote with Bitcoin to determine the public's opinion on whether Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty or innocent. Proceeds from this Bitcoin fundraiser will go to the winning side. Losing side gets nothing. Which side will win?

As of right now, the voting public* believes:

Kyle Rittenhouse

Is the public opinion wrong? Vote to change it now!

How it works.

Guilty verdict statement

Based on the votes so far, it is assumed that the voting public* believes Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty of murder, did everything wrong that night in Kenosha, should stay locked up forever because he abused the 2nd amendment (an amendment which needs to be changed or repealed to make sure this never happens again), and that Conservatives are completely wrong on this issue.

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Kyle is guilty

Guilty verdict video

Is the public opinion wrong?
Vote to change it now!

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"Guilty" won by
0.00165256 Bitcoin
(that's approximately $69.76)




If you believe Kyle Rittenhouse is INNOCENT send Bitcoin to the following address:





If you believe Kyle Rittenhouse is GUILTY send Bitcoin to the following address:



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Results are updated in real-time and automatically as Bitcoin are received.

What do you think about Kyle Rittenhouse and the verdict so far?

How It Works

It's super simple, this is a public opinion vote via Bitcoin fundraiser where the proceeds from the voting will only go to the winning side and the losing side gets nothing. Anyone can vote by sending Bitcoin to the corresponding "guilty" or "innocent" address, and whichever Bitcoin address (guilty or innocent) has received more Bitcoin is the one that determines the public opinion stated on the site at any given moment. This means anyone can change the current verdict at any time by sending Bitcoin to the corresponding address while the voting is still open. The verdict, statement, image, and video displayed on the site at any given moment depends on the current winning vote (so a guilty verdict will show media against Kyle, and an innocent verdict will show media supporting Kyle). The voting will close when there have been no new votes cast in 30 days. Once the voting is closed, the winning verdict will be immortalized forever on this site bearing Kyle's name, and the winning side will receive the proceeds from the vote. We will also share part of the proceeds with 10 lucky random voters from both sides to encourage more people to vote. Bitcoin is anonymous, but the deposit amounts (votes) are public information, so the votes can be verified independently by anyone here (guilty) and here (innocent). Since anyone can send Bitcoin to those addresses, this allows the vote to be open to everyone, fair, anonymous, and fully verifiable. In informal terms, you can think of this concept as a first-of-its-kind, put-up-or-shut-up, winner-take-all, public opinion fundraising vote with cryptocurrency.

Changing The Verdict

Every vote matters since even small votes add up, but it would currently take a total of just 0.00165256 Bitcoin (165,256 Satoshi) sent to the innocent address to change the vote from guilty to innocent (that's approximately $69.76). So if you believe Kyle is innocent, then make sure to vote soon and spread the word.

On the other hand, if you believe Kyle is guilty, then you'll want to make sure to continue voting and spreading the word so that the innocent vote doesn't catch up and change the verdict.

The Proceeds Will Go To The Winner

All proceeds from all votes from both sides (minus a 19.99% fee + 10.01% raffle prize to 10 random voters) will go to the winner. If the "guilty" vote wins, then the proceeds will go to those injured or killed by Kyle Rittenhouse and their family (Gaige Grosskreutz and the mothers of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum). If the "innocent" vote wins, then the proceeds will go to Kyle Rittenhouse. This means the public will decide by way of their vote who gets the proceeds from both sides. For example, if the "guilty" vote gets 138 Bitcoin and the "innocent" vote gets 150 Bitcoin, then Kyle Rittenhouse will be sent 201.6 Bitcoin and nothing will be sent to the injured or killed and their families. If it's the other way around, then the injured and killed and their families will split the 201.6 Bitcoin and each will be sent 67.2 Bitcoin, and nothing will be sent to Kyle. So the public will determine which side gets the proceeds from the voting.

10 Lucky Voters Will Receive Over 10% Of The Proceeds

To encourage more people to vote, a total of 10.01% of the total votes (Bitcoin received in both addresses) will be sent to up to 10 random voters on both sides regardless of which side wins. So at the end of the voting, all voters from all sides will be pooled together and up to 10 random voter will be selected to win the raffle prizes of 5%, 2.5%, 1.25%, 0.63%, 0.32%, 0.16%, 0.08%, 0.04%, 0.02%, 0.01% of the total votes. The chances of winning will be proportional to the amount sent/voted by each unique Bitcoin address, so the more you vote (the more Bitcoin you send), the greater your chances of winning. Continuing the earlier example, if the total votes are 288 Bitcoin, then the top raffle prize winner would receive 14.4 Bitcoin (5% of the total). A voter can win more than once, so a single address could win all 10 raffles and receive 10.01% of the total (28.8288 Bitcoin using the same example). Some of the prizes will only be available to the first X number of voters in order to create an incentive to vote early and get the ball rolling (more details to be released in the future).

How Will The Random Voters Be Selected To Win?

It's very simple. All Bitcoin addresses that have voted (sent Bitcoin to either the innocent or guilty address) will be compiled in a list of unique addresses. The total Bitcoin sent by each unique address will then be summed. Every 0.00000001 Bitcoin (1 Satoshi) will be assigned a number equivalent to 1 raffle ticket, which is why the more Bitcoin you vote with, the greater your chances of winning. For each of the 10 raffle rounds, one raffle number will be chosen at random, and the Bitcoin address associated with that raffle number will be sent that round's raffle prize. Key points:

  • Since the odds of winning are proportional to the amount of Bitcoin sent, there is no advantage to voting from multiple Bitcoin addresses.
  • The more Bitcoin you send to either address to vote, the greater your chances of winning the raffle prizes.
  • It does not matter what you voted for or which side wins, all voters will have a chance to win the raffle prizes.

About Us

We are a for-profit organization dedicated to finding out what the public opinion is on contentious issues. When we heard the news about Kyle Rittenhouse and the circumstances in which his shootings in Kenosha took place during the Kenosha Protests on August 23 of 2020, we knew this matter would quickly become a lightning rod regarding the 2nd Amendment and a landmark legal case that will redefine the constitutional rights of all Americans one way or the other. Therefore, we decided to acquire the domain name and then created this site to be able to determine the public opinion on the defining 2nd Amendment case of this generation while fundraising for the winning side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this site?

In order to determine the actual pubic opinion regarding this landmark case considering it is an extremely polarized issue and each side is exceptionally vocal about it which makes it difficult to gauge the true public opinion. Bitcoin voting forces each side to back up their rhetoric and therefore better reflects public opinion as it eliminates those who are only vocal about a side just for attention and don't actually care about the issue. This public opinion vote will eliminate the noise and make clear which side is right and therefore shape the public opinion on Kyle's guilt or innocence by immortalizing the verdict on his namesake online while providing the proceeds to the side the voters believe deserves them.


Who are you and what are your names?

We are a for-profit organization dedicated to finding out what the public opinion is surrounding landmark cases. Considering the Kyle Rittenhouse case is an extraordinarily charged issue with extremely polarized viewpoints from both sides, we cannot reveal individual names for our own safety in order to avoid receiving death threats that attempt to force us to change the outcome of the vote.


Why does the Kyle Rittenhouse case matter?

This case goes to the heart of the 2nd amendment: when is it legal to defend yourself with a firearm if it costs lives? This landmark case will forever change how and when firearms can be used and will affect the constitutional rights of all Americans one way or the other while setting a significant precedent. If Kyle is found "innocent", expect gun owners to feel more at liberty to use their firearms in heated situations. If Kyle is found "guilty", expect gun owners to think twice before using their firearms in heated situations.


How will this site make any difference?

Public opinion shapes everything, from trials to laws. Trials may be determined by jurors, but jurors are members of the public and are themselves shaped by public opinion. This is particularly true in high-profile cases such as this one where the jurors will have already heard of the defendant prior to the trial. Likewise with public officials and lawmakers, they represent the public and are therefore also shaped by public opinion. So when the public searches for Kyle and reaches his namesake online, the verdict that is displayed under his name will influence public opinion on this important matter.


When will the voting end?

The voting will end after the first vote is cast and when there have been no new votes cast on either side for a period of 30 days (in other words, when no new Bitcoin have been received in either "guilty" or "innocent" address for an entire month). There is a timer on the site that reveals the time since the last vote was cast. If a new vote is cast before the timer runs out, then the timer automatically resets another 30 days. To ensure the vote does not drag on forever, we also reserve the right to end the voting at any time with 30 days prior notice in order to give everyone ample notice to cast their final votes should we need to terminate it early. This means we cannot end the vote abruptly to freeze the current verdict.


Will you be extending the voting?

No. The voting will end when the timer reaches 0 after no new votes have been cast for 30 days. The only thing that can extend the voting is a new vote within 30 days from the last vote.


What if there is a tie vote?

Considering it only takes 0.000000001 Bitcoin (1 Satoshi) to break a tie, we believe the probability of there being a tie is highly unlikely. However, in the unlikely event that there is a Tie, then the very first vote received will determine which side receives the proceeds (guilty or innocent). We are doing this to encourage the first vote and get the ball rolling. UPDATE: Since the first vote cast was for "guilty", all ties will now be listed as "guilty".


What will happen when the voting ends and how long will the final verdict stay up on the site?

Once the voting ends, the winning verdict will be frozen on the site and will no longer be able to be changed. Our intention is to leave the final verdict from the Bitcoin voting up forever to immortalize the public's opinion on this site bearing Kyle's name. To prove this, we have renewed the domain name for the maximum permitted period of time (10 years), and so it currently expires in 2030. That being said, it is impossible for us to absolutely 100% guarantee how long it will be up for.


Why are you using Bitcoin as the voting mechanism?

We considered many different ways of doing the voting, but ultimately decided on the advantages of Bitcoin for several reasons. First, because voting with Bitcoin requires either money or time on each voter's part, which means empty, meaningless, and effortless rhetoric gets filtered out so that a genuine verdict is achieved. Second, because Bitcoin is anonymous, which means voters are free to vote what they truly believe deep down inside without fear that anyone will find out how they voted, leading to a better reflection of the public's true opinion. Third, because Bitcoin is freely available to anyone, which means it allows anyone to vote since anyone can get and send Bitcoin, which means no person who wishes to vote is disenfranchised or gerrymandered out in any way. Fourth, because Bitcoin transactions are fully verifiable, which means no one has to wonder if the results genuinely reflect the votes cast since anyone can check for themselves that they do at any time.


Can you see the IP address or any identifiable information from the votes or voters?

No, because no one controls the Bitcoin protocol and Bitcoin is anonymous by its very nature. This is one of the main advantages of Bitcoin voting.


Will you change the verdict?

No, because the verdict is not up to us, it's 100% up to the voters. The results of the vote will be the sole determinant of the verdict, and the results are fully verifiable at all times on the Bitcoin blockchain, so it is very easy to confirm that the verdict on the site is completely honoring and reflecting all the votes cast.


How can I verify the votes?

All Bitcoin deposits are public information freely visible on the blockchain, so the votes can be verified independently by anyone here (guilty) and here (innocent).


If anyone can see the votes, doesn't that mean the identity of the voters can also be seen?

No, because the only part of the sender that is visible on the Bitcoin blockchain is the randomly-generated and non-identifiable Bitcoin wallet address the Bitcoin were sent from. There is no public database that connects a Bitcoin wallet address with its owner. This is why Bitcoin is anonymous, and it's why this vote is anonymous. So anyone can verify the amounts sent (the votes), but they have no way of knowing who sent them (the voters). This is a significant advantage and it's one of the main reasons we chose to conduct this vote with Bitcoin.


How do I buy Bitcoin?

The easiest way to buy and send Bitcoin is to use Cash.App (App for iOS and Android). Buying Bitcoin with Cash.App is easy, just follow the instructions here.


Is there any way to get free Bitcoin instead of having to buy it?

Yes, you can get free Bitcoin by mining it with HoneyMiner. They will also give you free Bitcoin when you sign up.


How do I send Bitcoin?

Sending Bitcoin in Cash.App is called "Bitcoin Withdrawal" and you can follow the instructions here to send it to one of the two voting addresses above to cast your vote.

Sending Bitcoin in HoneyMiner is called "Withdrawal". In the Withdrawal tab, simply add the Bitcoin wallet address of the vote you wish to make, and withdraw the Bitcoin to that address to cast your vote.


Is there a minimum amount of Bitcoin I need to vote with?



Is there a maximum amount of Bitcoin I can vote with?



How can I confirm my vote was counted (my Bitcoin were received)?

Search for your Bitcoin transaction here (guilty) or here (innocent).


Why are you giving 10.1% of the proceeds to the voters?

In order to encourage more voting since we recognize that voting with Bitcoin is new which may discourage some voters. It's also our way of thanking voters for helping us determine the public opinion regarding this landmark case.


As a voter, what is the most amount of Bitcoin I could actually win?

10.01% of all Bitcoin votes cast on both addresses (guilty and innocent).


How can we trust that you will send out the proceeds to the winners and the voters?

Not doing so would be outright and indefensible fraud that would result in imprisonment. Bitcoin is not perfectly anonymous as the Silk Road case proves and our ownership of the domain name and web hosting is also not anonymous, so the authorities can easily find out who we are and prosecute us if we commit any kind of fraud. Keep in mind that we are hosting this site on a .com which is a US domain extension and not on some obscure third-world domain name. Furthermore, the 19.99% fee portion of the proceeds and all advertising fees are already ours to keep, so there is no incentive for us to risk going to prison when we will already be earning a fee and advertising revenue for our work. Moreover, as long as we don't commit fraud, the authorities have no reason to uncover us, and our identity is therefore safe from death threats. All of these elements together should give voters full peace of mind that the proceeds will be distributed in full accordance with our rules.

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The vote is open to everyone and only determines public opinion regarding Kyle Rittenhouse's actions during the Kenosha Protests within the community of the public that has voted with Bitcoin. The votes (and Bitcoin sent) are final and non-refundable. The vote will end after the first vote when 30 days have passed without a single new vote being cast (no new Bitcoin received in either address) or 30 days after we announce the ending of the vote. We reserve the right to end the vote at any time but with at least 30 days prior notice to be provided on the site and reflected in the countdown timer to give all sides enough time to get their final votes in. Since Bitcoin take time to be processed, we will accept votes up until 24 hours after the voting has ended. Proceed winners will have 30 days after the voting ends to contact us to verify their identity in order to claim their proceeds or they will be forfeited. Raffle winners will automatically receive their prize to their Bitcoin address and do not need to verify anything since we will already have their Bitcoin addresses.

*Public opinion as determined by the Bitcoin votes from the public and displayed on

"Forever" is of course hyperbolic, but for a very long time (keep in mind we have the domain renewed at least until 2030).